It's not a Wave, but Republicans are Still Winning, & the Rich are still Getting Richer.

The 2022 Mid-terms have crashed ashore but results are still coming in with both sets of voters clinching their teeth as a run-off in Georgia looms, the GOP hoping to increase their wave of influence and the Democrats hoping to resist a rather disappointing t'sunami. But, as of the present moment, the Republicans are holding the lead inching ever so closer to controlling congress with a 48-46 Senate and a 209-186 House.

These Mid-terms seem especially important for both teams this year due to issues such as the economy and abortion on many people's minds. Plus, with our country coming fresh off the heels of a global pandemic into a conflict with Russia, (not to mention the Capital Hill fiasco and the George Floyd tragedy that lead to riots and protests nearly all year long during the Summer of Covid), voters on all sides are more motivated and passionate than recent history has seen in decades, yet through intense showings of emotion, there appears to be no progress in this country for either opposition whereas both sides think they are playing "11D chess." 

But what does progress look like, anymore, especially, when progress for one side looks just like regress for the other side? For now, right-wing progress would be taking control of congress and stopping what they call "woke culture" from infected the halls of the United States Government and society at large. Dems hoping, of course, to do the opposite which is continue the cultural changes that were originally planted, watered and grown in universities through the 2010's. 

Without going into too much detail about the specifics of Woke culture and Anti-woke culture, the challenge moving forward for both gangs are trying to convince moderates, libertarians and the apoliticalists on why one philosophy is more dangerous than the other. However, for moderates the opposition is the extremism on both sides, for the libertarians, it's the authoritarians on both sides and for the apoliticalists, it's the corruption and hypocrisy on both sides that prevent them from giving a damn either way. 

The social and political pressure to join either one or the other mob is enough to make most people wave their hand in a jerk off motion at those who are hell bent on defeating the other side. The you-are-either-with-us-or-against-us-Bush mentality is what has lead many people into fighting conflicts that they had no business fighting in the first place. 

But, wait, this is our country! Of course, we have something to do with this conflict! How can we just sit here, aloof and indifferent about who shapes the culture of our homeland? People should care about the beliefs and values their fellow countryman holds regarding how humans should conduct themselves as a group of citizens. If we just sit here deadpanned and uninvolved, then the loudest and most extreme people will rise to power. 

This kind of rhetoric is what those entrenched in warfare will try to convince you of. And, if you have a Swiss-state of mind, you may be demonized by both sides even more than if you had picked a side, because they need you to fight for their team; they need another outraged mob member to add to their numbers, another voice yelling out across the aisle to someone who looks just like yourself but is wearing a different color shirt.  

I fight for Blue! I fight for Red! I fight for democracy! I fight for individual liberty! I fight for reproductive freedom! I fight for the protection of children! I fight for my family! I fight for free speech! I fight for safe spaces! I fight for my identity! I fight for minorities! I fight for equity! I fight for equality! I fight for Americans! I fight for humans! 

Because when you put a word that sounds noble after the verb fight, it always makes you feel like the good guy, doesn't it? Fighting for a good cause makes conflict seem excusable. But the real question is who does conflict benefit? Fighting always benefits the mediating party, the more messier of a divorce, the more money for the lawyers. Here is the acceptance speech from Ron DeSantis speaking on Woke Culture. 

Conflict creates cash. Fighting makes money seem absolutely necessary to be spent. If you have come to believe that your world is going to end unless you fight your pending opposition, you will enthusiastically spend your money on fighting. If I can convince a group of people that poisonous rain is coming and it will melt their skin, I would make a killing off of umbrellas. 

So cheer if you want, that republicans are winning, but the rich will keep getting richer while the poor continuously get left behind by inflation and that's the real issue that neither side seems to be addressing.