Actors shouldn’t comply and here’s why

Let's take an honest look at this criticism that is being waged at actors, which is “Don’t take roles of characters who embody traits that you don’t actually have!”- with the justification usually being that it is taking opportunities away from certain under represented groups of people.  

I know that was a mouth full, but bear with me. 

Let’s first start with the argument that actors shouldn’t act as people who aren’t of the same gender, race, age, sexuality, religion, or any other sensitive identity. 

Would you want a Jewish man playing Hitler? 
Would you want a black man playing George Washington? 
Would you want a man playing Chyna in a biopic? 
Would you want an elderly woman playing a teenager girl? 
Would you want a gay man portraying Andrew Tate? 
Would you want an atheist playing Jesus? 

Whether you answered yes or no, does not matter. The reality is some people are made uncomfortable by certain expressions of art and are responding by being an authoritarian; they are going to do everything in their power, just short of taking away your freedom, to stop you. 

Should I care that James Franco is going to play Fidel Castro? John Liggo sure does and he has no issue with expression his feelings toward it. These people in the comments have no problems expression their selective outrage about it. 

At the end of the day, we should not give a fuck what any actor decides to do when it comes to who they will act as. It’s called freedom. 

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