The Mandela Effect is LHC caused?


I am guessing we have all seen on our socials, headlines like "how science is about to open a portal" or "the 5th dimension will change everything." Conspiracy theorists abound have already begun crafting narratives about how experiments in quantum and/or particle physics will lead us right into higher or parallel dimensions.

For some people out there, we have already crossed timelines with our sibling dimensions because of the particle busting happening deep under the Swiss alps. And, with a growing population having these experiences named "the Mandela Effect," it seems there is a good reason to believe something enigmatic is happening right before our eyes. Are the Masters of the Universe, Penn and Teller?

Probably not, but that would be ironically funny.

Before we jump into this infinite dumpster fire, I think we should clarify what all these things are for our readers who might not be so familiar with these slightly esoteric concepts.


So, basically what is going on is that a lot of people around the world are remembering a different shared history than the rest of us. Being as Skeptical as I am though, upon hearing about this phenomena, I barley gave it one cent of my attention.

But the details go as followed, a paranormal researcher by the name of Fionna Broom in 2010 began reporting that she believed Nelson Mandela died in the 80's, so when Mandela actually died in 2013, many people who shared this same false memory begin to spread what we know as the Mandela Effect on the internet.

As most stories do over time, they evolve, change, and add to their legend, the Mandela Effect began to produce more and more examples of large groups of people sharing the same "False Memories."


This is easily explainable though due to the fact that humans are venerably social and superstitious creatures. Humans spread and get infected with social contagions that can make us believe things that are just fundamental nonsense, simply so that we might get to be a part of a group whom of which we perceive as cool to us.

But let's imagine for a second that the Mandela Effect is real, have a real thought experiment in the very least. If people are really remembering a past from another dimension, it seems to not really get itself started until around 2010, give or take.

Disregarding the fact, that the first account is from a person who swims in supernatural hypothesis for a living, and let just assume her experience is real as it can consequently be, then that means something had to cause dimensions to intermix, that is of course, if dimensions even exist in the first place.

Higher, Parallel, or Extra dimensions, depending on what you mean, are believed to exist because of several scientific conclusions that are made because of black holes, big bang, and quantum mechanics, particularly string theory, M-theory, eternal inflation, and the many worlds interpretation.

Without pulling out the heavy guns to go deeper into these concepts, let's just accept that other dimensional physical and maybe temporal states can and probably do exist. From here, we only now have to simply ask: Where are the labs that conduct experiments related to these fields of physics?

The most popular, well-known one is CERN. At Cern, they are smashing elementary particles together at higher and higher speeds in hopes to eventually peak behind nature's curtain. CERN was founded in 1954, but the most significant moment was when the Higgs Boson was seen in 2012. In 2009, though, is when they first begin to have particle collisions.

In Feb of 2010, the collider started up again with the highest energy achieved yet.

The very next month, March 2010, the reached 3 and half times higher energies.

By the end of the year, they observed a huge imbalance of energy and the construction of Top Quark Pairs.

Now, of course, the Mandela Effect didn't grow over night. From 2010 through the present, 2022, in 12 years, we have seen in grow into a cultural global phenomena. Through those years, however, there were many more runs at the LHC, including the one that proved the existence of the Higgs Boson in 2012.

Conspiracy theorist, will look at all these energy collusions as they cause of dimensions getting crossed.

Jokingly, we could even say that's how we got Trump in 2016, our reality got entangled into the Simpsons dimension, but seriously if something this extraordinary was taking place, I don't think we would stop doing what we are doing, which is probing reality until we can craft a place we could all call home, a little place called Utopia.