Shouldn't Veterans get Veteran's Day off from work?

Today is Veteran's day in the year 2022 and I am here at the office writing this article, but you know who else is also at work today?

Our company's veterans.

I echoed this question through the halls of cubicles: Veterans don't get off of work today? The answer, of course, was No!


How is that not a thing? The one day of the year that Veterans get for their service and they are forced to go into work? I am not for sure how that even gets to work out. Now, surely there are some companies that might offer that option to their fellow veteran employees, but for it not to be a standard practice in a country that loves to show its support for the troops, surely, melts my patriotic brain.

In all my days working in various position for various companies, I have barely even heard a whisper of this day in November, not a pizza party or anything. At the very least we could get a pizza party, don't ya think? But, No, there is no pizza party, no veteran's cake, not even a wave of the flag and a-thank- you-for-your-service card.

So what is the point of having a Veterans Day?

Should we be playing with Origami instead? Watching war movies drinking beers with our buds having a war-movie marathon party? After all, it is Friday.

The most humble thing that a person could do would be to honor their family members who are vets in some kind of way, but let's not be so humble that we can't all admit that a paid-day off of work, is a gift that would put a smile on most people's faces.

The best way to honor me is to offer me one more day of freedom, freedom from work, from danger, freedom of time, freedom from financial obligations, freedom to sit my ass down and do whatever the fuck I want within the bounds of the law, of course. Even if it is just for a day, it's a gracious gift.

 Thank you for your service, Happy Veteran' Day