Iphone 12 vs. Iphone 13

Well, Apple has really outdone themselves this time with their revolutionary new iphone: the iphone 13 pro max. The drastic differences in the new iphone is truly an outstanding achievement for the company. Steve Jobs would definitely be proud.

When comparing the new model to the old model, you automatically know that you absolutely must now trash your older phone and spend an unnecessary amount of money and wait for a ridiculously long time in extremely exhausting lines just to get this latest model of the iphone lineage. 

So what are you paying up to $1600 for with the newest upgrade? Well, we are excited to tell you. So let's go over all the highly anticipated changes that make it well worth all the time you spent working at BurgerQueen all summer to buy. 

1. It's all about the Lenses 

The iphone 13 pro plus max space gray elite edition, celebrity approved, mini pocket computer device has all new lenses. Yes, you still get 3 lenses, 12 megapixels a piece, but this time, you can now get Sierra Blue lenses which means instead looking down the barrel of a space gray colored lens, now you can see blue, just like looking in someone's eyes. Apple is all about giving you different color options to truly bring back that human experience. 

2. Display that Body, baby! 


Yes, the design, style and body are nearly identical but the 13+ is a tad bit heavier so it feels like you really got something special in your hands.

The extra weight gives you a sense of holding something with authority between your fingers which studies have shown to really improve the mental health of the snowflake generation. It's a device that really makes people feel empowered and that is important to apple. 

3. The Most Important Upgrade of ALL


Apple knows that because every bathroom stall and even the ones in our home might not necessarily have a reachable wall charger which severely limits the amount of time that we can spend on the shitter with our phone. 

The biggest problem with iphones weren't that they were not big enough or that they needed 5 more cameras, but that often they would die before our legs would get numb and go to sleep. This is absolutely unacceptable coming from a company like Apple. 

But now iphones can last up 2.5 hours longer, which means we can almost watch one Lord of the Rings movie while taking a massive shit. This upgrade is the upgrade to rule them all. 

Of course, this will only be true for the first few months as the battery will surely return back to its original life. But, hey, any small victory, is still victory.