The Eras of Tech and Where we are ?

I asked Ai to give each decade since the 1900's a name for its era. Here is what it came up with.

1900s - Telegraph era 1910s - Radio era 1920s - Television era 1930s - Computing Era 1940s - Electronic Era 1950s - Programming Era 1960s - Network Era 1970s - Personal Computing Era 1980s - Mobile Era 1990s - Internet Era 2000s - Smart Phone Era 2010s - Social Media Era 2020s - Ai Era Next, I used my own imagination to try think of what the next 10 eras would be based off of all my years of lived experience. 2030s - Automation Era - Human Labor is all but gone, Ai cars, iot, etc. 2040s - Simulation Era - People will live most of their experiences in the metaverse 2050s - Ageless Era - People will stop growing old 2060s - Multi-planetary Era - Humans will live on 2 planets 2070s - Droid Era - Robots will become widespread 2080s - Surrogate Era - Humans will control other robot bodies remotely 2090s - Transcendence Era - Humans move consciousness from the brain 2100s - Interstellar Era - Humans will spread to another star system

Now, lets see what Ai imagines.

2030s: Quantum computing, Augmented and virtual reality Era 

2040s: Space exploration and colonization era Brain-computer interfaces and neurotechnology Increased automation and robotics in various industries 

2050s: Fusion energy era Fully autonomous vehicles become widespread Artificial general intelligence and robotics revolutionize the workforce 

2060s: Biotechnology and nanotechnology era Human-machine hybrids and transhumanism Geoengineering to combat climate change 

2070s: Post-scarcity and post-work society era Interstellar travel and contact with extraterrestrial life Quantum teleportation and communication revolutionize global connectivity 

2080s: Mind uploading and digital immortality era Climate restoration and rejuvenation technologies Advancements in artificial consciousness and moral decision-making 

2090s: Interdimensional travel and exploration era Space elevators and megastructures in space Emergence of a global brain and collective consciousness 

2100s: Interstellar civilization and transcendent humanity era Energy harvesting from black holes and other cosmic phenomena The nature of reality and the universe is fully understood and harnessed. 

How Ai and I differed        

It appears that Ai said Automation would come after the Simulation era and I said just the opposite that Automation would come first. 

In the 2050's, I predicted that humans would no longer be old, but Ai focused more on fusion energy being used and widespread Ai robotics taking over the work force, for me robots don't fully take over until the 2070's, much later, but the automation era itself would start much earlier, in the 2030's. 

Ai predicts in the 2060's that it may be the era of the cyborg, but I actually didn't predict cyborgs but more if a transcendence or remote surrogates from 2080's to 2090's. 

Ai, also predicts that interstellar travel will happen in the 2070's but I predicted it not until the 2100s. 

By 2090s, Ai predicted Interdimesniona travel, space megastructures and a god-like consciousness 

It seems for Ai is when anti aging, immortality, transcendence and mind uploading will be era in the 2080's but I predicted these events to start happening as early as 2050's and peaking around 2090s. I didn't believe these things would happen just yet. But by 2100, Ai seems to think we will reach God like status, but for me by 2100 we just get out of our solar system. 

It seems where our difference lie is that I am using past data to extrapolate forward linearly, but A.I. is anticipating exponential change. 

I also asked it to give me every era from 1800s - 1900s by decade
1800s - Era of locomotion 1810s - Era of machinery
1820s - Era of printing
1830s - Era of electric machinery
1840s - Era of faster communication
1850s - Era of Engines and Steel
1860s - Era of Sewing
1870s - Era of electric appliances / telephone
1880s - Era of the Motion Picture
1890s - Era of aviation

Next, I asked it about Eras of the far future

2110s - The Terraforming Era 
2120s - The Transcendent Life Era 
2130s - The Interdimensional Era 
2140s - The Alien Super Society Era 
2150s - New Laws of Physics Era 
2160s - Telepathy Era 
2170s - Unified Consciousness Era 
2180s - The God-Like Era 
2190s - Infinity Possibility Era 
2210s - Interdimensional infinite Internet Era 
2220s - Universe Creating Era 
2230s - Timeless Civilization Era 
2240s - The Dr. Manhattan Era / Simultaneous Lives at the same time 
2050s - Beyond Time Era 
2060s - New kind Evolution Era 
2070s - New Kind of Existence Era 
2080s - Universes created by conscious thought Era 
2090s - Era of the Unknown 

After 2090, the ai just started repeating itself, which I found to be quite interesting. One of things it said was time starts over agian. 

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