New School Clothes Woes

So, let's talk about new school clothes and giving your parents a financial aneurysm every school year, and sometimes every semester or in worst case scenario, every 6 weeks. 

I don't know what it is about high school kids and needing something new to wear to school seemingly every other week.

It was true for me and my high school chums when we were in high school back in the 90's and it looks like it is still true for kids in the 2020's, as it was probably true for every decade of high school children. 

High School kids act like they don't go to school to learn, but to put on a goddamn fashion show for all their friends.

They act like all hell will break loose if they even dare to wear the same outfit more than once in a semester. And, the biggest sin of all is to wear something you had in the 9th grade in the 10th grade or any other grade for that matter. 

Now, obviously if your parents are locked and loaded with money coming out of their asses with every fart of caviar and lobster rolls, then it would be fairly breezy for them to provide their children with endless amounts of new outfits for their children to razzle and dazzle their peers with.  

However, if you come from a financially struggling family, one suffering a divorce, loss of job, no good paying job or medical debt, then keeping up with the high school Joneses is quite a stressful burden to be put onto working parents. 

As the meme clearly demonstrates, even buying a week's worth of outfits will not cut it. Why? Because high school kids can't be caught dead wearing the same thing more than twice in a month. 

Holy shit, mom and dad, I wore this outfit just last month. I can't possibly wear this to school again. Everyone is going to know that we can't afford new clothes.

This teenage insanity has got to stop. 

I remember this being the only issue that dominated my life in high school which was worrying about not wearing the same thing too many times in a semester, yet now here I am as a grown ass adult and I swear I will dead-ass wear the same outfit to work for like 3 days in a row, not washing, not showering, just deodorant, some cologne and a fuck you to anyone who has a problem. I come to work to work, not to put on a fashion show. 

And, just maybe we need to quit stressing out our parents over needing hundreds and thousands of dollars in new school clothes every damn semester and school year and heed the advice that my father used to tell me. 

We go to school to learn, not put on a fashion show, if you want to be a model, drop out of school and walk the runway.

Want to rebel against this bad for the environment endless new school clothes disease that we have. Buy this shirt below. It will be the only shirt you need to wear.