Top 16 Things That Make Us Karens

Twitter was trending today with the hashtag of #makesmealittlebitkaren.

The Karen personality type is one that seemingly will go from 0 - 100 over the most unimportant things, and when we mean 100, we mean call SWAT TEAM 666 to come an unleash hell on the world because they are just in that bad of a mood today.

Oh, there are people having fun in a park? I gotta summon the entire US military to reign hellfire down on these people. How dare they have fun in my presence?! 

Here is the top 16 Tweets of People saying what makes them a little Karen-ish.

1. Drunk Drivers

People who drink and drive need to learn how to use an Uber. 

2. Bird Walkers 

When I agreed to listen to your story, I did not know you were gonna inject 4000 side stories into your main story. 

3. False Advertising

All food photography is fake, but c'mon. 

4. People Who Have an Entourage

Why do some people need 3-8 people to escort them wherever they go? 

5. Poo-poo-luters 

I want to throw poo everytime I step in it.

6. I'll Do It Later (it's been 3 weeks)

Do the Damn Dishes, Please!

7. Morning People 
Do not fuck with me until I have had some coffee. 

8. "Should of" People

It's "Should've" not... NVM!

9. Cancelers 

It is time to Cancel Cancel Culture

10. Karen Normalizers (like us) 
This twitterer was just not having this whole hashtag at all. 

11. Litter Bugs
Pick up your damn Trash, Man!  

12. Indoor Shoe Wearers 
Did you just put your shoes on my bed?  

13. Janitor Disrespectors
And these are the people who also litter

14. Check Writers 
Give it up. Checks are relics of the past

15. Kitchen Cats
And their hair is all over the kitchen 

16. Fauci Fans
Need we say more?

And we added our own