Celebrity Deaths


Every year our culture will indeed experience a celebrity's death that will take us by surprise. For me it was 2pac, for others it was DMX and the Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, and yet no matter how much we know that we will all see our heroes die one day, when it happens we are as hurt as losing a family member or a close friend. 

Even though we don't have personal relationships with these talents, we still feel the sting nonetheless because we will no longer be able to enjoy the things they created for us whether that be movies, music, sports games or otherwise. 

Sometimes knowing our favorite person was still out there somewhere living life was enough to help us get through our own tough times, and knowing that this person is gone can sometimes make getting through our own bullshit a little tougher. 

In the past 2 decades since the turn of the century, we have lost many incredible people, some not so incredible, but entertaining at least. Whether they died of age, disease or accident, it is still hard to reconcile that these people are gone forever from the planet. 

Maybe one day these wonderful people will be resurrected in the simulation. 

Which celebrity death impacted you the most?