Meme of the Season - Male Volleyball Dress Code

If we are going to force women to wear bikini thong-esque gear then why not the men? That's what this meme is asking us. 

Memes are like the fun house mirror giving us this absurd vision of ourselves.

Me personally, I don't give a shit what people wear, then again I don't give a shit about sports. Anything sports related or fashion related are not the hills I ever care to die on. Now that I have revealed my personal bias, maybe, I can say what you actually came here to read.

If women don't want shit in their ass while playing sports then they have every right to remove that wedgie and put on a pair of shorts. No one should be having anything to say about it. I never liked anyone telling me what I could or couldn't wear so I sure the hell won't sit around letting someone tell any one else what to wear. 

The solution is not of course to actually take other people's rights away but to give people more choices; That's what being a personal liberty believer means. We look to solve problems by providing more choices not taking away each other's god-given rights to exist! 

The Point.! ....People should definitely be able to choose not to have thongs up their ass.