The Era of Meme


The Era of the Meme is upon us because let's just be honest much of our conversation in the Modern Era, you know? 2021 ai? (after internet) involves replying, relaying and conveying messages, ideas and thoughts in the form of memes. 

Memes probably spread more ideas to more people and faster than any newspaper could have ever dreamed of doing back in the heyday of black and white journalism. But memes aren't here to replace journalists because memes are just vectors for faster journalism. 

Don't believe me, well, let's take a look at the kinds of memes that exist. 


The Classic Meme is in the 2 styles that we have all become most familiar with. They usually convey some idea or thought using scenes from movies or candid photos of regular people. Sometimes they say things so perfectly that it's said much better than speaking it. 

Classic Memes can also address various topics such other memes, like Stock Memes. 


Stock memes can make you laugh while also educating you about the stock market and economy in ways we should have been taught in middle school.

The cool thing about much of the humor, it is inside humor; so if non-traders see these memes, they'll have get involved with the knowledge to get the joke.

At the very least, not understanding a joke usually piques the interest of intelligent but not yet informed individuals. 

However, if you wanna laugh traditional comic memes still exist. 


Comics were memes before memes ever thought of memeing on the internet. Comics, you could say, were the original memes. So of course, comics today are going to still be memes themselves. 

Comics have the ability to express an idea over time which is the next kind of meme. A time meme. 


Time memes can shows actions happening over time much like comics but what they offer is kind of a plug and play with your own ideas. 

Here are the faces and the raw emotions and scene, just put in whatever you want it to be about. But please, try to make it funny. lol 


The informative meme can come in the form of actual graphs and charts, beautifully made infographics or sloppy screen shots and photo grabs. 

The idea is the same to spread raw data not chopped and lost in an article word-salad, but rather right dead smack in front of your face. 



These are some of my favorite memes. When either comparing cities, people, sizes, objects or colors, these kinds of memes sometimes offer us the perspective that we need such as the one illustrating how much sugar is in our everyday foods or just how much bigger thr Rock has gotten from his already insanely big physique.


Some memes are just based on real life moments whether that be someone doing something in the public either famous or not, or someone posting a private moment of their life and describing the feeling.  

Though this list is not exhausted, we are going to end it here. Stay tuned for Era of Meme part 2.